Christa <3(non-registered)
Lana, you are such an amazing artist. I never thought id feel comfortable to do this, and you have helped me not only feel comfortable, but sexy and classy. Also helped me give the best most thoughtful gift to my hubby over seas. He looks at his look book everyday and keeps me close to his heart! I have to say thank you, and love working with you! id do it again, in fact we already discussed the plans, thank you lana xoxoxoxox love you <3
Your pictures are both breath taking and alive. You are amazing lady :)
Very artistic and alive photography. Thanks
Thank you for making me look incredible. The album is the best gift I ever gave. Each photo is beautiful.
Lana, Thank you so much for turning me into a MODEL! My photos turned out amazing and you transformed them into works of art. You have received a tremendous amount of compliments on them and for bringing out the best in me. I wish you all the best with your photography business and thank you for being so easy to work with.
Lana, it's really amazing how you can capture a moment in real time and it ends up looking like a vision in a dream. Your photos are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Congrats on a fantastic website and representation of your work!
Lana, I believe you are going to be more amazing than you already are with photography. I absolutely love the pictures and know this will go far. I say find something you love and find a way to make that your business. Not may people get there but you have. Congratulations. To everyone else, here is someone that loves people and will not produce anything she is not more than satisfied with. I recommend her big time!
Talin Rutan(non-registered)
I have always been a huge fan of your photography. You capture such subtle, yet magnificent sceneries, people, and more. Simply stunning! Keep clicking Lana ;)
Denise Warrender(non-registered)
Way to go, Lana! Love your website....oh, and your work, too! Definitely! ;)
Becky Molloy(non-registered)
Nicely done!
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