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February 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I know some of you, my wonderful followers, may think that I just have loads of natural talent that magically spreads into technical knowledge of creating beautiful images as well as knowing how to run a business. I have you know, it isn't so at all, and those of you who pay attention to my posts on Facebook know that I often go to bed at 3 or 4am because I am either editing images or learning new technical, artistic or business skills. It's the only time that is mine, when I am done being a mom to my 4 girls. And my poor husband, I don't know how he finds any sense to support my crazy passion.

For the past 2 weeks I've been taking an online workshop with one of the leaders in boudoir photography, who brought up an interesting point in her class: we, creatives, often sacrifice the time with our families, our own free time, and our income in the name of making a big impact on a client, artistic expression, and satisfaction from lifting someone's self esteem or spirit, which are all an important goal of a boudoir photography. At least that's what I get out of photographing my clients, boudoir or glamour. Needless to say, although it sounds all like Joan D'Arc material, that's no way to run the business, especially for those of us who have families to support, business expenses to pay, and perhaps putting a dollar or two in our own pockets for enjoyment of life's fun things.

But, I would like to reiterate to you how much I love it when viewing her images, with happy tears in her eyes and a hand on her chest, a woman gasps: "Lana, that's me?"  I love it when she comes to get her album, and turns every page as if she is unwrapping a christmas present, with wonderment of a child and sisterly affection for the woman on those pages. I love it that after telling me the photoshoot is for her significant other, she realizes over the course of her session - the photoshoot is for her. You know how I know that? No? Book a shoot with me to find out.

Boudoir sessions, when done properly, help women see themselves in a different light, accept who they've become, and learn to love the new her. Not the 12, 16 or 20 year old version we think we desperately need to hold on to, but a woman whose body carried her through real life to the day of the photoshoot. Boudoir sessions raise self esteem, provide a feeling of pampering and an uplifting experience, and unlike an expensive haircut and color, or a day at a spa, or a trendy pair of designer shoes, GIVE YOU SOMETHING THAT LASTS FOREVER! Think about it, most of the things you will experience in your life are fleeting, including beauty, but captures from your boudoir session - they will last you FOREVER! So, how much do they worth to you? They aren't a selfie, they aren't a shot in a dark, they are many hours of learning posing, flattering lighting, exquisite editing and a keen eye above all.

A couple of hours at a spa will run you a good $300-500, a great haircut and color about $200-300, designer shoes or a bag is somewhere $500 - 1500 and up, a weekend in NYC (modestly) is about $1000. In 10 years, do you have anything from those experiences to look back on and smile, be proud of, remember exactly who were at that moment in your life? How about in 30 years?

This brings me to the point of this blog: HOW MUCH DOES A BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE WITH ME WORTH IT TO YOU? I would like to run this very short and very exclusive promotion to find out just how much the women I share this slice of the Earth and time in eternity with, value my talent, dedication to helping a woman discover her beauty, and support of her right to allow herself to be unapologetically confident, sensual and daring no matter the age, size, color or life experiences.


The first 10 women who book a boudoir session with me before February 28, 2015 will get to name their price for it. Now I can't be silly and work for nothing, I've got bills to pay just like you do, perhaps more than others because of the added expense of running a business. So I will set a minimum for your boudoir experience at $375, which is just a bare minimum. You can check out the A La Carte pricesROMO page of various products and services I offer on PROMO page and name your price for the kind of package you want to design for yourself. Installment plans are available and all offers above the minimum will be considered. The sessions must take place in the month of March. As soon as we agree on the contents of the package for the amount you believe it is worth it to you, I'll send you a contract, and will be expecting it back with a booking fee paid shortly. How does it sound? One more little thing: if you consider me your friend, I'd like you to forward the details of this promotion on to another woman who doesn't personally know me but would benefit and wants an experience like this. I want this to be an unbiased experiment. You, my friends, are way too loving, and supportive, and way too biased to those you love, which, truthfully, is the life jacket of my life. Asking you to be unbiased toward me, my services and talent is like asking my mom, if she thinks I am lovable. Let's spread the word on your social networks letting other women know. It'll be fun, they'll have something special to last them a lifetime, and I will learn my worth in my clients' eyes.



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