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"You don't make a photograph with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all of the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and the people you have loved." - Ansel Adams


You can get decent pictures from any generic studio. Generic studios found in a mall or large department stores provide consistent and somewhat sterile experiences for their clients. You are limited to canned packages (that usually cannot be adjusted to the needs of a customer) and an experience that is made to cater to the masses. You will receive your prints on the spot, but without the attention to detail that editing can provide. Boutique photographers, such as myself, strive to provide each client with an experience that is unlike others. Each client will have a different and unique experience - this is because I work to get to know my client before meeting them, and adjust the appointment to meet the specific expectations of that client.

Photography is an art, and therefore, I consider myself an artist. With artistry comes practice, progression, and development. I often spend all of my waking hours on learning my craft and developing the skills I need to have in order to produce one of a kind image for you. I frequently spend my days and nights taking online workshops with the best photographers in the world to learn the technical aspect of things. This often means taking a course at 3 am because it is daytime hours in Australia or the UK, where the instructing photographer lives. In addition to professional development, I work to keep my vision and perspective fresh by visiting places that provide me the inspiration that'll help me breathe life into images you will treasure forever. And by the way, I am thrilled to do it all! I feel most fulfilled, although sleep deprived. I feel I can offer so much when I take your vision and expand upon it; I feel each client is my baby, and I stay up at night thinking of ways to make images better, more meaningful, more artistic, and one of a kind.

Photography is not a cheap business to get into. Before I click a button to take a shot, and way before you'll ever see the print of that image, there is so much spent on equipment, learning, developing skills, expertise, supporting objects, research, studio space, insurances, failures, and time needed to absorb it all. We all know - time is money! It's way more than hiring someone who is paid $8.50 an hour to push a button, without a worry of whether you are being given something unique and special to you, or generic to anyone who has $50 bucks to spare.

Why choose me, a boutique photographer and small business owner? Why I am worth the price? The moment you book me for a photoshoot, you become my focus of attention. I research for you, I dream things up for you, I imagine and create for you. I shop for props for your shoot (at no extra charge); I consult with a hair and makeup artist and stylist. I consult with other photographers. I may even have a practice shoot to ensure the lighting, posing and concept is perfected for your photoshoot. You can tell me what you want conceptually and I will work to deliver it. I prepare in advance so that your experience goes smoothly and your images come out the best they can be.

Once a photo shoot is over, only half of the work is done. Editing takes just as much time - often more - than a photo shoot. Editing is what I actually enjoy most, as it is the opportunity to truly transform or perfect an image. I employ many new editing techniques to make each image pop. The point is, once the photoshoot is done, I start working on examining every one of your images to ensure I don't miss anything, and miss a chance to develop it further with my editing techniques. You might not even notice editing, often it's my goal that you don't, because it is mostly intended to enhance the true and exisiting beauty of the subject.

When your final product arrives, I am giddy as a child on the night before Christmas. I examine your product with most critical eye. I will order a replacement if I don't feel the product is up to my standard. I will make sure I do everything I can to make you happy with your images.

At the end of a job, I hope to retain you as my client and I hope to show you that I am worth every penny you spend on me, because I think you are worth every minute of my time I spend on you.

Written by two friends,

Lana Ortiz & Dana Brown


Evelyn keplinger(non-registered)
Need a photo, you need Lana Ortiz. I can't begin to tell you how amazing she is. Not only is she so sweet, but her work speaks for itself, I would never use anyone else. So....pleased I want to do it again, she makes you feel so glamorous and who doesn't want to look like a celebrity. OK I'm getting carried away, but Let me tell you She made me look pretty darn good. And I'm not complaining. This lady Rocks!!!
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