I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. After the fall of the Soviet Union, I was able to immigrate to the United States, where I met my wonderful husband. It was he who gifted me my first camera.
I am a wife, a mother to four daughters, a woman with a one-in-a-million pasts, who loves every form of art.
My passion is to photograph women.
I see the beauty of a woman at any stage in her life. I see it when she doesn’t believe she has beauty left. I work to empower her by showing her she is lovable and desirable, through the art of photography.
I believe that for most people, in life, if they are fortunate enough, they discover the world twice: once through their own eyes, and the second time through the eyes of their children. Photographers are the luckiest breed because they get to discover the world for the third time, through the lenses of their cameras.
I love building lasting relationships with my clients. Send me an email and let's create a wonderful memory.

Lana Ortiz


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